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Thread: Anubis - or anyone - my grip? problems?

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    Anubis - or anyone - my grip? problems?

    Anubis - I know you're a nurse, I wonder if I can bug you for med advice? I notice when I'm using my rowing machine or even mowing the lawn and I have to grip for an extended period of time, my circulation goes bad and my hands start to get numb/tingly.
    Something I should be concerned about or just accept it as poor circulation in my hands?

    Advice from anyone welcome.

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    Anubis - or anyone - my grip? problems?

    I've had this tingling occur as well when mowing the lawn or even driving for long distances (I tend to grip the steering wheel a bit tight). Do you get the feeling ANY other time, or just after performing these tasks?

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    Anubis - or anyone - my grip? problems?

    Hey TG. thanks for replying.

    These are the only two times I've noticed it. Not while driving but now that you mention it, you'd think I would.. Hmmmm...

    It's been that way with mowing the lawn for a couple years now. I just started rowing a couple months back and this morning while doing it, I remembered that Anubis was a nurse.

    Hopefully he'll see this.

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    Anubis - or anyone - my grip? problems?

    To be honest, with me anyway, I don't think it's caused by much more than the vibrations occurring on your hands for an extended period of time. If it's bothersome or happens more often though, I would suggest seeing a doctor.

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    Anubis - or anyone - my grip? problems?


    Sounds like you may be gripping too tightly for too long. Tingling in an exremity usually occurs from a pinched nerve or poor circulation.

    Do you have strong pulses at your wrists? You can also check what's called your capillary refill. Pinch down on your fingernail bed and the color should return within 3 seconds. Also pay attention to the color of your hands when this happens, if they're pale white then it's probably a circulation issue.

    As always, make sure you're hydrated before lifting or mowing the lawn (although I'm sure you're aware of that).

    Overall I wouldn't be too concerned but that's just my opinion, I'm no doctor. If it continues or becomes bothersome you may want to get it checked out. Hopefully it's not something as serious as PVD (peripheral vascular disease). But I would think it should be occuring in your legs too if it were that, so probably nothing to worry about. Just my .02

    Keep me posted budro

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    Anubis - or anyone - my grip? problems?

    Not a very strong pulse at my wrist (yikes!) but that capillary refill works just like it's supposed to. Color came back right away.
    I'm trying not to hold too tight, but who knows, maybe I'll just try to concentrate a little more on having a loose grip.
    I'm ALWAYS fully hydrated [img]smile.gif[/img] over a gallon a day

    Thanks for the help though. Good to know it's not something too serious.


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