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Thread: Sweeeet! New PR!

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    Actually, several of them.

    First I hit a squat PR of 235x5. On monday I was having trouble with 225 and managed only 4 hard reps. Today I blasted through my sticking point without any forward leaning or anything.

    Then I hit 2 SLDL PRs. I got 275x5 really easy (a 15 lb improvement over my previous record of 260x5). I thought I might as well try for a 1 RM while I'm at it and put on all the plates I had (300 lbs) and it was way too easy so I put my ankle weights on the bar making it 310 and it was still easy. I would've done more but I had no way of adding any more weight. I swear I had at the least 325 in me.

    Actually, every exercise today was a PR but those were the ones that were the most exciting.

    Just thought I'd share

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    Nice, man! Sounds like you had "it" today!!!

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    I officially declare today


    In Fitness & Friendship,

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    "Haloed" be thy name!


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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    Great job Haloed! Congrats

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    Thanks guys!

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    At 14 I think your numbers are less than honest. They simply don't make sense.


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    Re: MH Census Report (Voluntary Survey)
    Posted: Aug 14, 2004 4:55 AM
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    1. Age - 14
    4. Weight - 159-161
    2. Height - 5'6.5" and growing
    3. Measurements:
    Biceps: 20"
    Chest: 50"
    Waist: 29"
    Thigh: 38"
    Calf: 20"
    Neck: 20"
    Forearm: 18"
    Shoulders: 65"
    6. Gender - N/A
    12. Sexuality - N/A
    8. City and state - Ontario...California (it actually exists). Actually, about 45 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    9. Hobbies - Everything under the sun.
    11. Goals in life - Too tired to list them. Joining the army when I'm old enough, thats the main one for now.
    15. If you can change anything about the world, what would it be - World peace! Seriously, I have no clue. There are too many things that need fixing.

    Words without meaning don't make a sound. [14 y/o - 5'6.5 158 lbs 9.4% BF - Bulking]

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    38" thighs, yet only a 235 lb squat?

    65" shoulders? Do they make blazers in that size. Must be tough to buy suits off the rack with 65" shoulders, 50" chest, 29" waist, and 38" thighs.

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    ROFL, that was a sarcastic post, Tony. You of all people should've noticed that. I will get a video of my next PR attempt if you don't belive me.

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    Sweeeet! New PR!

    Well, you were born in 1989, so I guess that would put you at 15. Pretty solid lifts at 15! I don't even think I was benching 85 pounds at 15.


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