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Thread: Irregular Schedule/soreness

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    Irregular Schedule/soreness

    i can go to the gym on monday, tuesday, wednesday and sunday for sure but friday is not for sure.

    well ill start off with my goals and overall workout stuff... im trying to broaden my back, increase my bench, and get cut by running in the mornings and after workouts.
    and i was wondering, what is the ideal way to fix this schedule around. Pull ups take the most out of me and allow me to do fewer exercises like bench because the bench includes the back.
    so should i do pull ups on one day and bench on another like.
    monday- pull ups/back
    tuesday- abs / legs
    wednesday- bench/legs
    thursday-saturday- pull ups if possible
    sunday- bench

    i think this is the best way to avoid soreness since tuesday gives me a chance to rest my back and so does saturday before i bench on sunday. but, anything i shuold fix?
    and ill probably do pushups and unweighted situps when i can during the week

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    Irregular Schedule/soreness

    I would recommend starting with an already established rooutine, like the home grown muscle series. That takes all the guess work out of the workoput and makes for a very structured scheduled. Aside from that, if you want to continue doing what you are, I would suggest that you combine back/bicepts on one day, chest/triceps on another day and legs/abs on the third day. Them take a day of rest. I certainly would not work legs two days in a row, back to back. Rest is just as important as the workout, if not more important.


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