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Thread: Routine Critique

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    Mr Himalaya

    Routine Critique

    Good Morning all,

    I am trying to put together a new routine to begin today, mainly designed for size and strength (in that order)
    I have decided upon a 5 x 5 structure as I have got good gains from this set up in the past

    Routine 1
    Wide Grip chins
    Clean Press
    Stiff legged deadlifts

    Routine 2
    Bench Press
    ?? (Direct core work)

    I will do each routine twice a week and I am trying to keep time in the gym down to 45 mins to 1 hour

    I am waiting on some info in regards to what I should include for direct core work and will add this in when received.

    I have placed the exercises in this order as I am trying to improve on my chins, squats and clean & press and will be most fresh to bang these out.

    My questions are.. does this routine look balanced? and I am correct to concentrate on the above exercises, is there a obvious muscular imbalance?

    My current 5 rep maxes are as follows

    dips - bw + 112.50 lbs
    bench press - 264 lbs
    cable rows - 264 lbs
    wide grip chins - BW (227 lbs + 22lbs hanging)
    clean & press - 154 lbs
    squats - 337 lbs
    sl deadlift - 264 lbs

    I am 6ft 2" and currently weigh in at 227 lbs and I am more than happy for this to increase.

    I appreciate any criticisms, help and general information anyone can provide.

    Many thanks
    Mr Himalaya

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    Mr Himalaya

    Routine Critique

    Would appreciate some (at least one [img]smile.gif[/img] ) opinions from the more experienced lifters/trainers

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    Mr Himalaya

    Routine Critique

    Whoops, itchy trigger finger


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