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Thread: Anything missing ?

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    Anything missing ?

    I'll be trying this new routine, look O.K. ?

    Squats (5x6)

    Chins (4xMax)

    Bentover Rows (4x8)


    Bench Press (5x5)

    Cleans & Presses (4x6)

    Extended torso work: weighted hyperextensions, Roman Chair abdominals, hanging leg raises, rope tucks


    Deadlifts (5x5)

    Barbell Curls (4x6)

    Dips (4xMax)

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    Anything missing ?

    Good for what?

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    Anything missing ?

    Like Gq said, it will help us determine if it's a good routine if we know your goals (strength, fat-loss, hypertrophy, athletics, etc.).

    Just let us know a few more details.

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    Anything missing ?

    strength is what I am shooting for

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    Anything missing ?

    I believe that your horizontal push exercises (dips, bench press) might be slightly imbalanced with your horizontal pulls (barbell rows). Looks like you have 32 reps from the BB Rows, but 25 reps from the bench and 4xMAX from the dips means that, unless you're only dipping 1 or 2 reps each set, then you're imbalanced. I think another form of rowing (like one-arm DB rows) might fix that.

    [*Note, I'm just learning stuff about balance recently from Alwyn, so I'm not claiming to be an expert.]

    However, from my own experience, I'd recommend going lower reps higher weight on the BB Rows. Why not do a 5x5 like the bench presses? Then you can add like a 4x6 or something for the one-arm rows and so lift heavier and get closer to balancing things out.

    Hope that helps some. (Also, how come 5x5 on deads but 5x6 on squats? Not that that's huge, just curious.)


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