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    Lou, another Book of Muscle WO question

    I was browsing the MH forum and found a thread in which you recommended using bridging exercise as substitution for leg curl. MH BOM thread This is what I am look for since I will be in stage 2 next week and I work out at home w/o leg extenstion/curl machine. Howerver in the thread you did mention how long each rep should hold, can you please again shred some more light on this?
    Thanks a million!

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    Lou, another Book of Muscle WO question

    Ian calls for a 3-1-1 tempo, meaning you would lower the weight for three seconds, pause for a second, then lift for a second.

    I'd reverse that to get all the bennies from the supine hip-thigh extension (one of the fancy names for the bridging exercise). Pause three seconds with your glutes and hams fully contracted.

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    Lou, another Book of Muscle WO question

    Thanks Lou for the quick reply!!!


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