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Thread: Dizzy after Deadlifts

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    I posted this question in another thread but i think its being overlooked, and i feel its important...please excuse the repitition.

    *After I finish my deadlifts (3 sets of 8) I get very dizzy and lightheaded, sometimes even naseau. It only happens after I do deads, and it never happens in the middle of the set just at the end when I stand up. I have entertained the idea that I may be standing up to quick after the set, but raising slowly dosnt seem to help either. This is usually followed by me ears popping a little while later kinda like they would if you where on a plane...It is in no way slowing my workout and I can easily train thru it, but I would like to know the cause...

    All advice and speculation welcome!

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    On the one hand, I can say that I sometimes feel a little lightheaded after a set of deadlifts too. However, it never turns to nausea, and no ear-popping either.

    Perhaps you could try lowering your weight? I think if you lower the weight and still have the problem, you can start to look at your form. Are you holding your breath throughout? During a set of 8, you need to find a good breathing pattern.

    Of course, actually puking after lifting super heavy (often after squatting) is a known thing, and whie it isn't a good thing, it's nothing to be scared of.

    So chalk it up to intensity, pace your breathing or change reps range. Maybe fewer reps in a row will let you breath better.

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    Yes, it could be breathing. I am taking alot of caution when working out though, and with a martial arts background im very concious of my air. I wouldnt say im holding my breath, but i do hold my breath half the way up on the lift, it sounds like "hu....urgghhhh....exhale..."lol! does that make sense?!? I breath deeply on the way down.
    My form isnt to bad, i keep the the head up and the small of the back straight, I use an over-under grip and always use the mirrors. The weight is heavy for me as im a newbie, but i could do more if I needed to...i think im lifting a safe weight, I sure feel good afterwards (hour or so).
    The naseua happened once the mild ear popping is usually there, right after the dizzyness. Weird hu!?

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    Heavy sets of squats and deadlifts can certainly make even the most seasoned lifter a little light-headed and dizzy.

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    It may be a bit of overstimulation of your vagus nerve. It can make you hypotensive and nauseated and may give you a kind of "cold sweat".

    Sets of 8 in the deadlift may be too long a duration with assoicated breath holding.

    Try to cut your reps per set and see if the same thing happens.


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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    Thanks for the replies guys!

    Bill you are acurate about the 'cold sweat' sensation. I feel it coming on, take a few deep breaths, even sit on the bench for a few seconds and then im good for the next set.

    I have thought about reducing my reps but i feel like im shortening my workout or taking the easy route. Can anyone give advice as to the amount of reps I should be doing?

    My athletic goals are to be explosive, and physically im trying to put on lean muscle mass and reduce fat. Im quite stocky with alot of muscle already, im just trying to lean up, so im still foggy as to the amount of reps/weight ratio to be focusing on.


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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    If you're looking for explosiveness, why not try an 8x3 routine? You can work on the power of the pull at a heavier weight, without the duration of 8 reps to effect your breathing.

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    This used to happen to me. I realized that I was tensing my neck and clenching my jaw when I did them. After I relaxed, my symptoms went away.

    I think the tensing up was possibly constricting the blood vessels and/or slowing blood flow to my head.

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    Lost Dog, that is interesting. I am tense when I lift, should I be relaxed and just contract the muscles im working...or just relax altogether and let my body do the work??

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    You could also "reset" between each lift. That is let go the bar and stand up, then get back down in to the lifting position. That will give you a chance to take a couple of breaths, and possibly allow you to go heavier at the same time. This is what Dave Tate recommended to me when doing "higher rep" (we were talking about sets of 10 reps) sets of deadlifts for conditioning purposes. Typically, the more you do, the more your form breaks down so this will also help to ensure "perfect practice".

    I like the advice, but maybe someone else would have a good reason not to do that. (Perhaps a different training effect.)

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    Dizzy after Deadlifts

    I haven't done a full deadlift for over 3 reps in about a year.


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    Dizzy after Deadlifts


    So ive turned my deadlifts from 3 sets of 8 into 4 sets of 6 to give myself frequent breaks. The ear popping and naseua are gone, but the dizzyness is still there. Its not that big of a deal though, I just sit down for a moment and breath.

    I have done this with all my lifts within the big5.


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