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Thread: Strength Imbalances

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    18 Marian Hossa

    Strength Imbalances

    Question about this, after my second days workout I've come to the conclusion that my Hips/Hamstrings are much stronger then my Quads.

    Now I know that it's not good to have your Quadriceps overpowering your posterior muscles, as is the case with most gym regulars, but what about in my case? Where the posterior muscles are stronger then my anterior?

    For example, on my Day 1 I was doing Ass to Grass squats with 185lbs for 5x5, on my Day 2 I did Romanian Deadlifts with 185lbs for 5x5, and I could have gone a bit heavier.

    I know it's natural to have a Deadlift max exceeding a squat max by 50-100 lb's, and sometimes even more then that, but I'm not sure about an exercise like a RDL.

    Is this a cause for concern?

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    Strength Imbalances

    You didnt mention you numbers for quad dominant excercises. But I would venture to say very few people are hip dominant. Can you do if GHR?


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