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Thread: 6 wks to whip into shape

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    6 wks to whip into shape

    trying to create workout routine that would provide the most results in slimming and firming overall body. need to know what to do for a few hours each day at the gym.... any nutritional advice? going to Asia in 6 wks and will be stuck on plane for 20 hours! any advice appreciated! -tks for help in advance!

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    6 wks to whip into shape

    well,6 weeks isnt long if you want to slim quick get on the rowing machines and treadmills!but i found that cycling took pounds of me quickly!also if you could join an areobics class that would be great as aerobics gets the matabolism working overtime!hope this helps but there are many experts on here!

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    6 wks to whip into shape

    Unfortunately you can't build the body of your dreams in 6 weeks. You can, however, drop some weight and start looking and feeling better. If I were you I'd look at the Home Grown Muscle workout.,2823,s1-1-0-0-199,00.html
    A lot of people here have done it and loved it. The first phase takes 6 weeks, so you're in luck!

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    6 wks to whip into shape

    the 1st phase is gonna kick your ass and will help you drop some weight, IF you do it right. You gotta keep the tempo up. Good luck


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