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Thread: Steroids at JP Fitness....

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    Steroids at JP Fitness....

    I saw this in the O/T area and thought I would post it here:

    I know the guys who post here have A LOT of expertise and information on Roids. Didn't want this post to get lost, didn't want this guy to go without hering from you all.....

    End Public Service announcement...

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    Steroids at JP Fitness....

    Damn it, it was all I could take to withhold from replying to the thread in the off topic forum!

    Steroids are for medical purposes which are handled by MD's, people that studied very hard and did many many years of schooling and internship, unlike a 17 year old football player. They aren't for athletes, period. Be an athlete not a pharmacist. Their are many many issues going on in your body when you deal with artificial steroid enhancement. Do the majority of top level athletes use steroids, probably. Does that make it right, hell no it doesn't. Will you do whatever you damn well please to be stronger, faster, and perform better despite regaurds to your health, probably. Is it a spit in the face to those individuals (like myself) who grew up in and out of hospitals not knowing if they would see their 9th, 10th, 11th birthday and are thankful to even be alive, in the words of DeNiro, "a lil bit". Don't screw with nature, it will screw you back ten times as hard.


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