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Thread: Maximizing strongman with little equipment

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    project evolution

    Maximizing strongman with little equipment

    Greetings all. I'm new here and this is my first post (duh). My goal is to enter my first strongman competition as a lightweight amateur in Junish of 2006.

    This actually started with some simple keg throws and sled drags on the weekend and then went to tire flips, farmers walks, and next week we'll add dragging my Buick. So, as you can see I don't have much equipment but I do have full access to a gym, so how would some of you recommend that I plan my training in the gym to maximize my results for strongman competitions? At the moment my training is centered around bench, push press, deadlift, and squat.

    More specifically how should I periodize my training and what sort of parameters in conjunction with exercise selection should I use? I have a bit of Brad C's workout advice as far as exercise selection but I'd like more information to work with. My Sunday workout is farmers walks, tire flips, car pulling, sledghammer swings, and keg throws.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Maximizing strongman with little equipment

    You can check out this article:

    Strongman Training for Athletes by Joe DeFranco

    I'm sure if you ask nicely, Danny or GQ would be able to help you set something up.

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    project evolution

    Maximizing strongman with little equipment

    Yeah, I have Defranco's training bookmarked and it's something I'll use for my athletes when I start coaching; thanks for the reply. [img]smile.gif[/img] And I have to say this board is pretty fantastic with the amount of knowledgeable people and lack of b.s.

    Danny, guys help me out?

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    Maximizing strongman with little equipment

    I will do my best to help you.

    First bit of advice, go to the NASS website and find out who your State Chairman is, and make a post on their message board, the Anvil, asking if anyone in your area trains. Even if you don't train with them on a weekly basis, learning form on things like tires, stones, logs, and axles is key. Its also really hard to come up with exercises to simulate them in the gym sometimes.

    In the gym, I would stop focusing on bench press. Bench pressing doesn't help strongman much. Once you get pretty good at the events you can add some back in, but I would never make it a priority. Instead focus on a lot of mid and upper back work. Just about every event will hammer these parts in some way, so they need to get used to taking punishment and developing huge work capacity.

    How many kegs do you have? I would recommend doing less throws and spending more time learning to press them and load them. Filling them to different weights will help this. Awkward cleaning and overhead pressing is very crucial in strongman. If you have ever heard of a continatal clean, I would practice it. If you don't know what it is, I will try to find a video.
    A cool exercise to kind of simulate stones is to load up one end of a barbell like in a T-Bar row and pratice picking it up, it will help.

    Exactly how you break down your gym time is going to depend on how many days a week you can train and what your weaknesses are, so if you can give me as much info as possible it would be really helpful.

    The other thing to really consider is that good strongmen are explosive. So learning to Oly lift, or at least using dynamic exercises is big. Power will come into play big time. Exploding through a stone or tire will help you out a lot. Same with a log or axle.


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    project evolution

    Maximizing strongman with little equipment

    Thanks Danny, I'll make a post up at the NASS site.

    I only have one keg, but I can obtain a few more. And I'll keep in mind about loading the keg(s) instead of throwing it. I've never heard of that particular clean you are referring to.

    As far as lifting goes, I have M-F available at the gym. Sunday is spent doing as I posted above (tires, etc). As far as my weak lifts go, probabally snatches and cleans, however I've added in 1 arm db snatches into my routine the last few weeks. I don't know how much physical stats are necessary but I'm 5'7" and weigh around 185 with about 8% bodyfat.

    Thanks for your help so far, let me know if there's any more info you need and again, thanks in advance for your future help and for any others that chime in.


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