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Thread: Exercise pyramids

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    Exercise pyramids

    is heavy to light more effective or light to heavy more effective for training. Or do yall do both? just curious. during certain macrocycles I do 10x8x6x4x2x1 or light to heavy. I rarely do it the reverse way and I was wondering which if any would be more effective?

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    Exercise pyramids

    Neither are optimal.

    A broad pyramid like that attempts to train too many qualities at one time which means less than optimal adaptation to any of them.

    Narrow your focus and ramp up to your working weight sets to prevent fatigue.

    Possible example for 200 x 5
    130 x 5
    160 x 3
    190 x 1-2
    Working sets
    200 x 5


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    Exercise pyramids

    Okay so, they are not optimal, but would you use them? and if so, when and why?

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    Exercise pyramids

    No, I wouldn't use them.


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    Big O

    Exercise pyramids

    I have found that working from a light weight IE, 175 lbs to start at 15 reps to 275 at the end at 2 to 4 reps works best for me. But remember that what works for me may not work for you. My workout goes 1st-15 reps 2nd 10-12 reps 3rd-5 to 6 reps 4th-2-4 reps..more like 2 reps. I work on form, slow reps, more burn.


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