I finished the weight loss contest, and decided to do 3 months on a strength program. I decided to try the Texas Method, and thought I'd post a quick review.

The Texas Method is an intermediate strength training program, and you push to make weekly gains. Here are a couple links to lay out the Detail of setting it up


The program evolved for me, and by the end my work sets were as below

Volume day: Deads [email protected], Bench/Press [email protected]%1RM, Squat [email protected]%1RM
Recovery day: Squat [email protected]%1RM,Press/Bench [email protected]%1RM,Chins3XMax,Back Extensions 5X10
Intensity day: Squats [email protected], Bench/Press 1RM, 2RM, or 3RM, Power Cleans 5X3.

Overall I was happy with the strength gains, but recovering after the Volume day was pretty tough at my age (almost 50). I did gain weight, because I didn't do a good job watching the diet. Strength gains were pretty good overall.

Deadlift Was 325 1RM is now 385 1 RM.
Squat Was 325 1RM is now 325 5RM.
Bench Was 235 1RM is now 255 1RM,
Press Was 155 1RM is now 167 2RM.

I am heading to 5/3/1 for the forseeable future. I don't think recovery will be quite the problem, since the way I am setting it up, I will have one less workout day per week, and really only 2 hard sets per workout.