Hey JP fitness!

First time post here but I have lurked around for a long time. I am looking for some help designing a program for a few grappling tournaments I have coming up leading into Cage fights. Here are some details about me :-)

10% BF
23 years old I will be 24 next month :-D

I eat real clean with between 1750-2100 calories per day and that keeps me consistently at 169.

My train consists of 5-6 days per week grappling/MMA training 2 hours per day.

I also do some HIIT 1-2x per week, generally just sprints.

I am currently studying for my NASM certificate but I am not far enough a long in the books to confidently design a program for myself.

I have won some NAGA's at intermediate and my next NAGA I will be competing in the expert division. However my goal is to win the No Gi Pan Ams September 29th. There are about 1-2 smaller tournaments that I want to participate in before then too.

I had a personal trainer before but can't currently afford one.

Please help!

Your friend,