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Thread: Is anybody doing Home based programs?

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    Is anybody doing Home based programs?


    I've leading a healthy life style for 2 years, mostly doing home workout DVD's.

    Looking for workout buddies, tips, advice from more experienced peeps, and have fun in this never ending journey.

    Currently I am working my core which is my weakness. Been battling with it since forever, most of my body fat stays stuck there, so no matter how much I tone in upper body, the core makes me look awful.

    Doing a program called Rev Abs, hoping it finally gets my core where I want it to be.

    Let's rock!

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    Is anybody doing Home based programs?

    I do a lot of body weight stuff from home does that count?

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    Is anybody doing Home based programs?

    Working your core isn't likely to burn the fat around the middle, but without knowing more about you it's hard to advise you too much.

    Most "abs" dvds and programs aren't all that good for "the core" anyway. I would look at NROL4Lor NROL4A. You can also check out my free program, here.

    The NROL books may be home based or not, depending on what you have at home.

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    Is anybody doing Home based programs?

    As Roland says, core workouts will do little to make a difference to your appearance if you suffer from excess fat around the belly. You need to increase your fat-burning cardio and be strict with your diet. This will be the best way to blast fat lying over your abs. Once you start to flatten the tummy then you can concentrate on trying to really tone and strengthen the core. I have seen some really bad fitness dvds over the years that clients have shown me and am sometimes amazed at the exercises that are given to people to perform in these dvds.

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    Is anybody doing Home based programs?

    I have weights at home and do a combination of wieghts and BW work. Have worked out at home for many years now. And as said...core work does not burn belly fat specifically. You can not spot reduce fat. If your goal is to reduce body fat we need to be discussing diet more than routine.

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    Is anybody doing Home based programs?

    It's all about your core nowadays. Your core this, and your core that. Core Training classes and such. So crucial the core is. The Swiss have even invented balls for this, littered all over the gym.


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