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Thread: What next?

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    What next?

    I am doing NROL4W and will probably be done sometime in March or early April. I ordered all the NROL books (except the ab one) and I am not sure which one I should do next. I started to flip through the NROL original and was checking out the programs. Then I thought about going right to the new book, supercharged, after I am done with NROL4W. I am indecisive. Any thoughts or suggestions on which to do next? Thanks!

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    What next?

    Life or Supercharged should be next.

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    What next?

    I plan on doing Supercharged next. In fact I already have Basic I laid out for myself.

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    What next?

    That's great! I spent some time today reading the first chapters of supercharged. I'm excited to start!


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