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Thread: Fluidity bar

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    Fluidity bar

    I watched part of the infomercial on this product last night. :tongue

    While I can see you could get a good workout from it, you don't need that product, BB in a squat rack would function just fine.

    Anyway the thing that cracked me up was all of the "testimonial" women, who say they now have the best body ever, and this is so much better than lifting weights, because they just get "so bulky".

    Then the inventor/promoter of the gadget has this theory about muscle fluidity and how other forms of exercise, including lifting can't mimic it.

    Anywho, after about 10 minutes, I changed the channel.

    Granted anything that gets you moving is not a bad thing, but I wouldn't spend any money on a glorified dancers bar.

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    Fluidity bar

    Fluidity sounds more like a John Mayer song. I bet it would sell better if he was on the commercial.

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    Fluidity bar



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