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Thread: Elite fitness/strange crunches

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    Elite fitness/strange crunches

    There is a group of folks doing Elite Fitness at my gym, that's fine. Except for these strange situps/crunches they are doing.

    It's just weird.

    They lay down, put their heels together and then do this super fast set of sit ups, that their hands need to meet the heels.

    First off, when you have on a pair of short shorts, it looks, well, never mind, and then the whole doing it at hyper speed, makes my lower back hurt. Not to mention, it looks like late night tv.

    I get that the Elite Fitness and p90x and whatever are what they are, but I'm not sure what they are doing is long term realistic, let alone, what the rest of us want to, even if we try not to look, be subjected to at the gym.

    At the very least, I would appreciate it if they would put on some longer shorts. These ladies shorts are so short, these crunches/situps are dang near porn. I know who is getting the Brazillion! And I was trying to NOT look.

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    Elite fitness/strange crunches

    well you've got me curious. can you post some video of this?

    So I can critique the effectiveness of the exercise of course.

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    Elite fitness/strange crunches

    Agreed. Short shorts aside, this sounds odd. For those who like performing crunches then super-slow is a far better training protocol. Super fast crunches will work the abs less and likely tend to pull the lower back more - leading to injury. Not something I'd recommend. Crunches are probably the most common exercise that I consistently see people performing wrong. Just step into any gym and you'll see it, people placing too much stress on their necks, straining their backs, performing 'cheat' movements - basically not really working the abs at all! ... I wish people would choose other better exercises than ab crunches!


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