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Thread: Dan John Even Easier Strength

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    Dan John Even Easier Strength

    Has anyone done this program and was it exhausting? Can it be done while dieting? I can't imagine squating everyday.

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    Dan John Even Easier Strength

    I tried it but didn't quite make it to 40 workouts. The issue wasn't the program's volume but rather my ability to make time to lift five days in a week.

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    Dan John Even Easier Strength

    I have done it and am doing it again. It is neurally taxing but not exhausting if you do it as written. If you try adding too much corrective/accessory/etc. work, you will run into trouble. However, if you keep the weights at the right level - i.e., as DJ says, they should feel relatively easy everyday - you'll keep exhaustion at bay. That said, I am finding it tougher this time around - two kids, travel, new job vs. one kid, easier work schedule, etc. If you have a block of time in which you will be able to keep a routine, it is an effective and helpful program. I am using it to get my baseline strength to an acceptable level (for me) so that I can dive into some other strength-focused programming without feeling like the weights are too light to bother.


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