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Thread: 5/3/1 vs The Cube

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    So I am looking to start a new program that will help me build my strength focusing on the big lifts, and increase my 1RM. I have both 5/3/1 (original version) and The Cube. I read through them and really like them both! I am stuck and need some opinions/advice from anyone who has done or is doing either program. I like 5/3/1 because it seems more simpler and less technical for a beginner (I have been lifting since October 2012- so I think I am a beginner?). But I like The Cube because there seems to be more volume and more variety. So I am stuck. Anyone's thoughts/comments/opinions would be great! Thanks!

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    Where's MissJane when you need her? She's done both.

    I've only done 531, so I can't compare. But I've read Cube and it seemed more appropriate for an advanced lifter to me. 531 does seem to be almost infinitely customizable. Want volume? Add back off sets or BBB. Need more conditioning? Cut back to 2x/week and add conditioning days. Strength focused? Joker sets or 531 for Powerlifting template.

    So the basic program keeps the focus on the big lifts (and I do like its simplicity, too) -- but you can change things up quite a bit depending on your goals or just if you are bored. His new addition "Beyond 531" has a ton of new ideas on how to do this.

    I see 531 criticized for its slow progress for a beginner, but frankly that's one of the things I like about it. And a disclaimer - I'm not a seasoned advanced lifter either. Just my take having done some sort of variation of it for the last 18 months - ymmv.

    A lot of people like them both so I'm sure you'll do great with either one. Good luck!

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    I would actually classify both as advanced programs, but with a slight nod to 5-3-1 for less advanced.

    Both programs go for a loooooong time. If you like to change programs frequently, then neither are for you. With 5-3-1, count on about a year of cycles to really see progress -- each cycle runs four weeks (3 weeks on and 1 week deload). I would guess same for the cube, as one cycle will run you about 16 weeks, IIRC, and you will want to run multiple cycles. The cube integrates more advance training (ie band squats, deficit pulls, block pulls, floor presses, etc).

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    Thanks for the input Avogadro and Jane! I was thinking cube is more advanced, but still see that 531 is as well. I want a program that will help me add strength, and something I can stick with for a while. I don't remember reading about joker sets though or the powerlifting...I guess I must have the very first book? I do not mind slow gains...I think that's important, I don't just wanna try to jump right into a program and expect to increase my weights drastically. I do plan to do conditioning work, sprints and intervals. I am going through supercharged now but am thinking of switching out for something new. Plus I think I'll get my husband to finally do a program with me!

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    I checked out beyond 531...some reviews said it is way more advanced. I also looked at the powerlifting 531. Would I be better off just sticking with the original version and adjusting as needed or buy either one if the newer ones? I don't like to stray to far from the program as written..want to get the best results and everything out of it that I can so I worry about making a lot of changes/additions

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube


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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    To be honest, if I were going to suggest something to someone who is moving away from the NROL programs, I'd probably suggest Power Training. That program is so valuable, as it teaches one to put together a balanced training program. I still refer back to it all the time, and I've recommended it to a ton of people. You've got a total fitness module, hypertrophy, and strength -- and they are all good programs.

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    The 531 powerlifting or are you referring to a different program all together?

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    Power Training by Dos Remedios. There's a thread for it somewhere around here.

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    Oh ok! I have that book

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    Out of curiosity, have you considered hiring a local or online trainer?

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    5/3/1 vs The Cube

    Sort of...I tried searching for local trainers and didn't really come across any in my area. I had thought about an online trainer..but, I don't think my husband would be happy if I spent more money on my lifting "hobbie" as he calls it.


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