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What is NEUFIT?

Neurology + Fitness = Neufit


My name is JP Francoeur. I am a certifed personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and certified Neufit therapist/trainer. Whether you are looking to recover from injury or pain, or you are looking to tune up your fitness, you have found the right place. Often people find their way here as a last resort after months or even years of dealing with pain, to the point that they almost accept it as a part of "getting older"... We do not accept that! No one should live in daily pain. We approach things from a completely different angle than traditional therapy, and we get results far faster. How is this possible? 

The Nervous System is Paramount

The Nervous System controls virtually everything about the body. When you work neurologically, you can change everything else for the better - and do it much faster.

Provide a Safe Environment to Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Traditional training and rehabilitation often do not achieve results. We stimulate the body to adapt, so that it can make lasting improvements.

Technology Enhances Natural Processes, It Doesn’t Replace Them

We use advanced technology to accelerate your body’s internal processes. When given the right signals, your body heals itself from injury, builds muscle, and creates good health.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

JP takes Pro Tennis player Christian Harrison through a workout on the NEUBIE!

With 30 years of experience in this industry, I have a perspective that justifies my higher price tag, earned through years of accumulated time, I have seen what works and what doesn't, and it may surprise you! It's time to shift that paradigm!

Lasting Progress


The changes you will experience are lasting because we address your body's issues from the point of neurological origins. You're not just treating the symptom as you would with most traditional therapies. When you address the why, the body can do what it needs to do on its own.

Christian Harrison, pro tennis player

Christian originally came to us with multiple overlapping injuries after years of unsuccessful surgeries and years of physical therapy that just didn't work. Find out how Neufit changed the course of his career. 

Katibel Johnson

Katibel came to JP Fitness and Recovery with multiple overlapping issues and could barely walk. Her body has undergone an unbelievable transformation as she continues to improve her strength, independence and vitality.


Sign up to learn more about training the nervous system for improved strength and accelerated healing! Run faster, play harder, eliminate knee pain or back pain or shoulder pain and get back to what you love doing! JP Fitness and Recovery in Little Rock is the place you've been looking for!

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